About The Club

The Chittenango Polar Bears Snowmobile Club is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. 

The club was formed in December of 2005 with a meeting of interested snowmobile enthusiasts. The club was incorporated in 2006 and applied for and was granted membership in the New York State Snowmobile Association (NYSSA). The Chittenango Polar Bears Snowmobile Club is a member of the Madison County Association of Snowmobile Clubs, Onondaga County Snowmobile Association and participates in the NYS Trails Grant Program administered by New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP).

Mission and Purpose

The mission of the Chittenango Polar Bears Snowmobile Club is to enhance the snowmobiling experience, advance snowmobiling safety and to provide safe and environmentally friendly trails in the Chittenango area, while promoting the beauty and scenery of the area to enhance local tourism for the betterment of our citizen neighbors.

The purpose of the Chittenango Polar Bears Snowmobile Club is to:

•    Promote the sport of snowmobiling in the Chittenango area

•    Improve the image of snowmobiling by being a good neighbor

•    Promote courteous and responsible snowmobiling, and work with local officials to promote safe and lawful snowmobile operation

•    Provide snowmobile safety courses and rider training

•    Make and promote charitable contributions to partner organizations and institutions within our community 

•    Participate in the development of multi-use trails in and around the Village of Chittenango to increase the enjoyment of the sport and provide other recreational opportunities for our citizens and neighbors

•    Develop and maintain a safe and comprehensive system of rural trails linked to those in other communities to provide access to the statewide trail system

•    Participate in the New York State Trail Funding Program and other public grant programs to minimize costs

•    Work with local landowners to provide designated routes for snowmobiling and encourage snowmobile operation on marked and accessible trails

•    Protect the natural environmental features found within the trail system

•    Cooperate with village officials and community organizations to improve the quality of life in the area

•    Work with local businesses and community leaders to promote the Chittenango area as a premier snowmobiling destination to improve the financial impact of the sport on the local economy

•    Advance the enjoyment of snowmobiling for the members of the club

•    Provide a social activity centered upon the sport of snowmobiling to the betterment of the community

Club Officers

Art Paul

Vice President:
Corey Monk

Derek Joncas

Gerry Gould

Mike Fischer

Art Burghardt

Erick Haas

Jon Perkins